Saturday, May 09, 2009

Armadillo Hill Country Classic 09

The Armadillo Hill Country Classic was held May 9th, starting at Liberty Hill High School (btw, they were 2006 & 2007 State Champs in football, 3A). This is the longest of the sponsored rides I participate in, topping out at over 100 miles.

The weather was good today, although it was warm, it stayed overcast till well after noon, making the ride much more comfortable. Last year was similar, with the sun breaking through somewhat earlier.

I was surprised to have some pain in my left foot, I typically have this occur to my right foot on these longer rides. Some massaging though kept the pain at bay to a great extent for the remainder of the ride (~40 miles).

I was able to hang with a couple groups of fast riders for a bit, they eventually pulled away, maybe one day I'll get faster... You have to resist the urge to stay with them, especially when you're less than 1/2 way into the ride. There's a long, long way to go and you need to not burn all your energy too soon.

The pictures from the ride are here.

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