Monday, May 28, 2012

100 Miles of Nowhere

Almost. Epic. Fail.  But not. The combination of the Nuun drink additive & Clif bars produced a not so pleasant elixir, making the last 10 miles or so quite unpleasant.  And afterwards, let's just say, well, on the other hand, let's not say.  Enable the 'Temp' in the map below, I'm sure that also contributed to the less than well feeling.

The ride started just after 7am, on a ~1.3 mile loop just west of my house. Given the prediction of increasing southeasterly winds throughout the day, it fit well since most parts would not be directly into the wind (or so I hoped). I was trying to do the math early on, given I knew later it would be pointless. Turned out it was pointless annyway, hey just count the number of peaks on the ride profile, just go slow so you don't miss any... it's 75 loops... Interesting to see how the temperature and/or wind and/or whatever affected the barometric altimeter, the ground really did not move...

Elevation profile
It was

Hand Numbing....Foot Numbing......Mind Numbing.....Butt Numbing

Ouchy. Ouchy x 2. Or x3.  

Here's one trip around the loop...

And some pictures from my 100 Miles of Nowhere

That's enough, thank you very much!

Remind me again why this was a good idea?!?  I do this for LiveSTRONG. Consider this my kickoff event for 2012, if you can, please donate at Steve's Fundraising Page.  You can join our team Team Fatty Austin, either as an active or virtual participant.

There's some important changes this year for the Austin Challenge.

  • If you participate, there is no fundraising minimum, just a one time entry fee of $50. You can, of course, fundraise if you want, either as an active or virtual participant.
  • The route starts in downtown Austin, just north of the Palmer Events Center.  In years past, the start/finish was in Dripping Springs. So not so long a drive in the wee hours of the morning, phew.
  • There's really a 100 mile route.... ok, not everyone is excited by that!

BTW, joining the team as a virtual participant is FREE, so why not? Hope to see you soon!

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