Thursday, October 27, 2005

My water heater is OK!

Turns out that newer water heaters must sit in a catch pan of some sort, just in case they leak, so the water can drain without flooding everything. But when the new one was installed (over a year ago), they didn't do that, but they came back when the city failed the inspection, and installed the pan. But it seems it was never inspected again (did they forget to call the city?), until today! And yes, it now passes, geez, I feel so much better now :-)

What else?

Gas has dropped a bit, down to 2.38. I wonder where it will level out. Maybe back to $2? Fat chance...but who knows.

Downloaded the latest Google Earth, perhaps the greatest time waster of ALL TIME. These Google guys are really smart, although they never seem to get anything out of 'beta' :-). Of course, their beta is better than most folks production code.

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