Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Been a while, catching up

So it's been a few days since the prior post. So sue me ;-)

I wanted to put some stuff in here about the Pflugerville/Leander football game. Although we lost, it was a very exciting game, decided in the last 15 seconds. Both teams will still make the playoffs, so not all is lost. The last regular season game is tomorrow, we should win, the other team is not doing so well this year.

The weather here has been spectacular, mid 70s to about 80 in the daytime and 50s to 60s at night, by far the best time of the year. We did get an active cold front two days ago with some big thunderstorrms, but that's quite normal and expected. Another front is expected over the weekend, I believe.

I did my normal bike rides over the weekend, although it seems I am going faster now, last ride lasted 50 minutes instead of an hour, so a small improvement. Perhaps I need to add a bit more distance to the ride. It's a bit chilly on the bike early in the morning, maybe that encourages me to ride faster.

The sunsets are occurring sooner now, of course, since Daylight Savings Time has expired, it gives me a chance to see the alpenglow and hour earlier.... ok, not so many mountains in this part of Texas, but very nice colors in any case.

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