Sunday, November 06, 2005

Another day, another dollar

It's been warm again, way above average, not that I'm complaining much. Still, it is nice to have those 75 degree days. But warm is not hot like it's been for 6 months or so, so it's ok. The leaves are starting to turn on most trees, the warmer weather is probably delaying this some.

The bike rides this weekend went well, pretty warm both mornings, and noticably more humid. I now recognize some people I see on my ride, mostly runners. There were a couple other bicycle riders this morning, wearing 'proper' biking attire. Perhaps I should also get some sometime, but not yet.

So the football team had an underwhelming performance last Friday, perhaps since the game had no significance in terms of placement in the playoffs. They still almost came back, they showed a few moments of excellence, but not many. It appeared the other team wanted it much more than we did. The playoffs start this upcoming week. Pville is hosting the Westlake Chapperalls. I imagine the game will be packed. We beat them at their stadium last year in the 1st round of the playoffs. Beat them soundly. We definitely need a more inspired performance this week, else it will be really ugly.

Went out and bought the remaining two Star Wars movies I did not have, Episode I and III. 'I' is not the best movie, for sure. The fight with the Sith assassin though is very well done. 'III' was pretty instense, I still have issues with Anakin being so easily swayed to dark side. That part seemed to be very weak. All in all though, I enjoyed the movie. I look for the entertainment quality of a movie without being overly analytical, after all, it's just a movie.

So, should I watch all 6 movies in a row one day? Why not :-) I still need to rewatch the LOTR extended versions in one sitting, now that will be a long day!

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