Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Long time no see

Yes, I've been a slug, an extraordinary slug, at least with the blogging. Maybe now I can do better, we shall see.

On the biking front, a few new goodies
  • some newer clothing, a few more jerseys, shorts, socks. The local bike shop had their spring sale, some pretty good deals. Most of the time though, I've ordered from the REI outlet store
  • 3 tire tubes (see next item)
  • frame pump, which I had to use due to a flat I got from a construction staple (they are still building houses quite actively in the newer subdivisions I ride through. Fortunately, it was a small puncture, and I was only a mile or so from my house, so I was able to re-inflate, and ride back home.
  • Some custom stickers, with my name, so now I have a truely personalized bike
  • hydration pack, 100 oz.
  • A bell, one the 'Incredibell' line
The last purchase was for warning walkers and joggers, to let them know I'm heading their way. However, with all the mp3 players these days, I wonder if they will hear me. Still, this is better than trying to yell at them, or clicking the brake levers, or whistling, or scaring them half to death ;-)

I'm up over 1000 miles on the bike, I would suspect a yearly total of something over 2000, given I can keep the number of rides per week about the same. Of course, there is the summer heat now, which will affect this.

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