Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New bike toys

Got a few more toys for the bike, well, for me.

I decided to try clipless pedals (shimano m540, and shoes (shimano mt40,, which for the non biking crowd, you clip into. Yes, it sounds like it makes no sense, but the clipless is referring to toe-clips. Anyways, you install cleats on the bottom of the shoes which snap into the pedals, and off you go. The difference is you can now pull up on the pedals as well as pushing down for better power transfer. The one thing you must remember, of course, is now you just cannot move your foot off the pedal, something you can potentially forget. Oops, over you go if you do forget. I loosened the tension on the snap so they are quite easy to snap in and out of. It will take some more riding to get fully used to them. The pedals are quite tiny compared the platform ones which came with the bike. Looks kinda strange initally.

I also got some 'official' biking clothes, the thin, tight fitting shirts and pants. It does cut down on the 'flapping' around that not-so-tight clothes will do as you ride. BTW, having those tighter clothes is a real good reason to stay in shape, you really don't want to be seen in these type of clothes unless you fit in them well :-) It was quite warm today on the ride (new record high temperature of 87 at the airport), so having the thin clothes did make it more comfortable.

Not sure quite yet what the next purchase will be, still thinking about it.

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