Saturday, July 14, 2007

I thought the rain was gone

It's back, another weekend, and probably through the first part of next week. Today, it was hit-and-miss, with the sun out sometimes and then a quick downpour. I was able to get a ride in though, more midday, versus early when I usually go. I did keep an eye on the horizon though, and could see showers in the distance. Only a few random drops hit me. Earlier in the week, the weather was much more July like, basically hot and sunny.

The other news is the death of Lady Bird Johnson, wife of LBJ, it's big news here in Texas naturally. She was a very sweet lady. They broadcast the funeral today, with her daughters and granddaughters giving eulogies. She's known for her beautification efforts and the Wildflower Center bearing her name. Rest In Peace.

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