Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Heat is On

The rainy season has ended, it seems. Yesterday was the first day this summer where the high temperature was above the normal average. It's not quite as hot as other parts of the country, more just getting back to standard summer for us. For this time of year, everything is green, but I can see some grass is starting to brown a bit. Most people have started to run their sprinklers.

I got some good rides in this weekend. Both days, no clouds, so it warmed up fast. I got an early start though, so I got back before the hottest portion of the day. This time of year, it's advisable to skip the middle of the day, unless you bring a lot of water. There were many riders out both days.

The LAF posted the elevation pdfs for the Challenge ride, they look like saw blades, lots of hills. At least it's downhill at the very end ;-) I expect the detail route maps will be posted fairly soon. The other cities (Philly/Portland) have this info available since their events occur sooner than Austin. The Portland long ride is basically flat, except for 2 monster climbs in the 1st 35 miles, if you make it past those, you'll make it the rest of the way. The Philly long ride looks a lot like the Austin one. A couple more months to go.

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