Sunday, September 30, 2007

Injury timeout & recovery

I was able to get some rides in this weekend after being off the bike for two weeks. After my ride on the 16th, when I brought the bike in and went to remove my shoes, I could not bend over. I had no pain whatsoever during the ride, so I can only suppose I twisted my back somehow maneuvering the bike into the house. It was rather painful. I took a few days off from going to work, and have been taking it easy since.

With the Challenge approaching though, and with my back feeling much better (it's still somewhat sore), I decided to do some less intense, shorter rides this weekend. Both went well, and I don't have any new pain thankfully. I will still take it easy for the next couple of weeks though. I have more than enough training miles in, so I feel good about doing the ride.

I'm taking my bike in for a tuneup tomorrow, it's one of the two free tuneups I get from the Bicycle Sport Shop when you purchase a bike there. I wanted to do this close to the ride time, so I could have a well-tuned machine ready to go ;-)

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