Monday, October 01, 2007

The bike is at the shop

I took the bike in this morning to the Bicycle Sport Shop. Of course, I succeeded in driving away from home WITHOUT the bike, doh! Fortunately, I only went about 1/2 a mile before realizing that. I did not have any trouble getting the bike into the car, with the hurt back, it could have been an issue, but all went well. Same when I got to the shop, no trouble maneuvering the bike.

There's some play in the headset, they will remedy that (they said prolonged use with the steerer tube loose can cause damage, but it's only been that way for a short time). I'm also going to get a replacement cover for the right brake handle, it's a small plastic cover that busted off when I crashed back in April. It's not really needed, but it provides a smoother feel to the top the brake handle, where your hand rests when you have them on the brake hoods.

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