Monday, October 08, 2007

Tune-up complete

I got the bike back the next day (10/2), I just didn't write about it. The bike shop called about 7:30pm Monday night, but I was already home (and Prison Break was on!)

They did their 'Member tune', which covers the basic lubing, chain cleaning, and adjustments to brakes and shifters/dérailleurs.

The did replace the cover for the brake/shifter lever, it's amazing what a little piece of plastic costs ;-)

They fixed the headset, per their text:

Upper sealed bearing seal was popped out of bearing. Shot some new grease, reinserted seal and adjusted preload. Top-cap was bottoming out on steerer, had to add one 2.5mm spacer.

Also, from the crash I had back in April:

RR der hanger aligned, nasty gouging damage on RR der, is shifting nicely now.

I agree, the shifting is quick and responsive. There was also this comment:

The tape I had to indicate saddle height slipped during tune, please have Stephen re-check that the height is acceptable, sorry.

I think the saddle is slightly higher than I had it before, but it feels a bit better also. I'll ride it this way for a while, see if it stays comfortable (it is so far). This last weekend's rides were the first time after the tune-up, the bike worked great.

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