Sunday, June 01, 2008

Trip to Trapp Family Lodge 2008

I spent a week up at the Trapp Family Lodge in May at one of the guest houses. The weather this year more rainy and cooler than last year. However, in May, this is normal. On Monday, it even snowed for a little while. The week was relaxing as usual, it's a very nice place to get away to. Last year was warmer even though the stay was one week prior compared to this year.

They had an open house at one of their Villas, these are larger than the guest houses. They are still in the process of building them. However, since they are fractional owned instead of being time shares, they may wait until the number of owners is sufficient being starting construction.

By chance, there was a meeting of Classic Bentley owners at the Lodge. I wish it had been less rainy for them. There were quite a few of them and each day they took a 'tour' around the countryside.

I purchased a new camera before the trip, so the pictures I took are much nicer compared to the photos last year with my phone.

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