Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rip Roaring Ride 09

The Rip Roaring Ride was held on September 26th this year. Perfect weather. I decided to use my Keen sandals which I've been using for
From Rip Roaring Ride 09
commuting. The sandals aren't as snug as normal biking shoes (by far), so I wondered how well they'd work for an extended ride, and a relatively hilly one at that. I wore socks for the 1st half of the ride, and after it warmed some, removed them. They verdict? The sandals work quite well, and I did not get the same pain in my feet that I've had before on the extended rides.

One minor inconvenience was that they did not have a packet for me, even though I pre-registered. Not sure why, perhaps it was misplaced in one of the boxes, but no matter, I filled out another registration form and was ready to go.

And I finally got a picture the the big Oatmeal can (for Oatmeal, Tx). I'd ridden by this thing for 3 years and failed to take a picture.

Some more pictures of the ride can be found here. A video of the steep hill climb is here.

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