Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sweatin' Burnt Orange Bike Tour 09

The SBOBT was held October 11th this year, several weeks sooner than 08. A cool front a few days beforehand promised nice weather.... However, the weatherman were severely mistaken. While driving to Blanco, it was cloudy and occasionally drizzly, but nothing too bad. However, just north of Blanco, I drove through a few short showers. But they passed and when reaching the high school, the roads were dry. After getting my packet, and layering up (it was ~55 degrees out), we lined up and started.

About 10 minutes after starting, a light rain started, and got progressively heavier. Not really a downpour, but a good steady rain. The sponsors decided it was a bit too slick to continue on the long routes so they redirected all riders onto the 25 mile loop. A good choice on their part. Everyone was completely soaked, with many riders abandoning and getting car rides back to the start. That was not an option for me, so I slogged back. My hands were getting somewhat cold by the time I finished.

At least now I know what riding in the rain is like (I've only been caught out a few times, and not for an extended time like this). Not all that bad, but I'd rather have the sun.

I only took a few pictures, since having the camera on the bike was not an option. Yea, it's quite wet.

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