Monday, November 22, 2010

The Road Back, Cane Edition

It's been three weeks since the big crash. A painful three weeks. The good news is I'm up and about and can walk unaided for most of the day. After a long day though, I do tire more easily than before, and use a cane (no more walker!) if required.

Physical therapy is going well, generally consisting of
  • stationary bike
  • arm bike
  • treadmill, forward/backward/side to side
  • inclined platform (for the legs, resembles the 'Total Gym')
  • movements to get the elbow back to full extension
  • range of motion tests
  • specific lower abdominal exercises for pelvic stability
I've also been using my mountain bike at home on the trainer, however, for comfort, that usually requires a lean forward. At present, I'm not placing any weight on my left arm. Thus, time on the trainer is somewhat limited at this point.

And so it goes.

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