Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Entirely too long

I've been bad, not blogging as often as I should. Perhaps a failed New Year's resolution already? Say it isn't so :-)

My beloved Pats lost in the 2nd round of the playoffs, to an inferior Denver team, as evidenced by the thrashing they took from Pittsburgh the next week. No way is Pittsburgh the best AFC team, they would have lost in the 1st round game except for the game ending injury to the Bengals QB. I'm not all that interested in the Superbowl, I'll probably watch, at least for the commercials. Who knows, it might be entertaining.

I got back onto the bike this last weekend, well, just Sunday. Saturday was rainy early and the hike and bike trails were under water in some sections. I decided it would be better to wait until Sunday (the bike is still nice and shiny, and I don't have the heart to get it messy yet). The bike computer worked well, nothing fell off :-), my total was just over 22 miles. I did three seperate rides, trying to get measurements of the some of the walks I have been doing before I could ride again. Unfortuneately, due to some fumble fingerness, I somehow turned off the trip odometer for part of the 3rd ride, so I'm not 100% sure of the distance. Next weekend, for sure, I will get a measurement. I've been considering a new helmet, the older one is not as well ventilated as contemporary ones, not really important right now, but it will become much worse as the temperature rises. I did wear the cycling gloves I got from REI, they definitely do help, although it's necessary to adjust your grip occasionally to overcome fatigue.

I've also found some more podcasts to listen to, about biking, I've not had the time since I downloaded them to listen to many, but I will!

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