Saturday, January 07, 2006

Longhorns are National Champs!

In case you've been living on Mars (which come to think of it is BURNT ORANGE), the Texas Longhorns won the Rose Bowl claiming the National Championship. It was a very exciting game, with Texas coming from 12 points behind with about 5 minutes left to win the game in the last 20 seconds. I will admit when USC scored before that, to go ahead 38-26, it did look bleak. It was clear Texas could score again, but the question is could they hold USC and get the ball back a 2nd time. Since Texas had missed an extra point and FG earlier, they need a TD instead of FG to win the game. Texas' defense did hold USC on 4th down to get the back back with about 2 minutes left. It was the only possesion of the 2nd half that Texas was able to stop USC.

And just in case anyone forgot, the Longhorns are the reigning Baseball National Champions, an excellent year for the University of Texas.

The BCS games this year were all close (with the exception of the Fiesta Bowl), and the games were fun to watch.

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