Monday, February 06, 2006

Stupor Bowl XL

What is with the officiating in the playoffs this year? I did not believe it would be as bad in the Stupid Bowl as it was in all the preceding games. However, I was sorely disappointed. The refs clearly won the game for Pittsburgh.

  • Phantom offensive pass interference on the Seattle TD pass: go watch the Pats - Broncos game if you want to see offensive pass interference -- oh wait, they called that defensive pass interference
  • Phantom holding call on the pass to the one yard line: the replay showed no holding
  • Phantom touchdown by Rothisburger, the ball clearly never made it, and watch the side judge, he marked it down outside the endzone, then had a revelation that it was a TD.
  • Personal foul on the QB for tackling the guy with the ball. Umm, flash for the refs, that's what you are supposed to do. And watch every cornerback in the NFL, that's how they tackle, just dive low for the legs. What an atrocious call.
Plus the complete non-offensive by Pittsburgh, two TDs came on long plays, pretty much everything else they did was pitiful. And Seattle, geez, get a kicker who can make field goals. It must have been the weather, oh wait, you're inside -- oh, I see, you watch the Indy kicker, I see where your skill comes from.

And Seattle, please practice your two minute drill for more than 2 minutes every year.

Please get some decent teams for next year. Please.

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