Saturday, October 23, 2010

LiveStrong Challenge 2010 - Day 2 (the 23th), The Run/Walk

This year I did not participate in the Walk, but I headed downtown to support and cheer on the sea of folks who  did. I got there before the sun came up, it was mostly cloudy and a little later, some small showers rolled through.

Since I was not participating, I was able to wander around a bit more aimlessly than I normally do, I ran into a friend from work who was running. It's great to see how many people, supporters and survivors, participate in the events.

Here's the scene by the coffee tables, they were doing a brisk business, no surprise. I needed the buzz from the java, it was quite early in the morning.

I then wandered back to the middle of the bridge to the Start/Finish line.  There were a several speakers, Ryan Dungey (of Supercross fame) and LS CEO Doug Ulman.

One part I always find which pulls at the heartstrings the most is the kids in the pedicabs. This year, the Team RadioShack guys went to each one to say Hi and hand out some do-dads to the kids.

They also were tossing items to the crowd, no fistfights broke out - that I saw....

With that, the Run/Walk started, can anyone see themselves is this mass of humanity?  Before the runners returned, we were able to get out and 'chalk up' the Start/Finish area. A couple samples

This gal came back first, by my estimation, about a 15:30 time for 5K.

The next guy did not come in for about 2 more minutes. Total Domination!

I stayed and watched a goodly number of folks finish, this was about the time the most rain fell, at it was rather sparse, not bad at all.

I headed on back to MJs after getting another cup of coffee for the trip. I enjoyed being at the event, definitely will attend regardless of whether I'm a participant.

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