Saturday, October 23, 2010

LiveStrong Challenge 2010 - Day 2 (the 23th), The Lunch

After the walk and before the lunch, I headed back over to MJs, to mosey and look around.  I wasn't really expecting to get anything... and didn't.

The lunch was organized by Elden, to meet some of his team members. Given we are widely dispersed group, other than the signature Team Fatty jerseys to recognize each other, you never know when you'll encounter another team member.

MJs was running shuttles from the store to the Convention Center, since it was still raining off and on, I chose the chauffeured service, and ended up being the only one on the shuttle. With all the construction downtown, it's a rather non-direct route.

Once back at the Convention Center, both Levi Leiphiemer and Chris Carmichael were at the Nissan booth.  Again, being my usually star stuck self, I just had to get more autographs.  

While waiting in line for Levi, the man in front of me (in full biking regalia, including his $6K bike), had personal photos from the TdF and other races he attended this year of many of the pros. Now, how do I get this guys' job ?!?

No books from Chris on day 2. I occurred to me afterwards I should have had all of them sign my jersey bib number, it's made of the indestructible, fibrous paper and would last forever.  The downside is may happen to rain, and that would be that!

With that, I headed over to The Cedar Door for lunch, it's quite close to the Convention Center.  

A small but rambunctious group of Team Fatty members arrived and had a good time.  

Fatty and his wife Lisa. He discussed whether the team should concentrate on just one Challenge per year.   

If you want some chuckles, read his blogs at
This is Janeen, I encourage you to visit her web site ( (it's actually her bike's website - which tweeted - believe it or not) & blog (

She completed a trans-America ride just the week before to raise funds for LiveStrong. Quite the task.  Unsupported, making it doubly difficult. She has a lovely Australian accent, I think it's impossible for that accent to ever sound uncool.

After lunch we headed outside to the deck (the weather had cleared up by now) for some final small speechifying, and group pictures.  

I naturally had to ham it up with Fatty to prove I indeed was in the presence of the superstar, megablogger, if only for a fleeting moment:

 Too much yellow?  Or never enough?

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