Saturday, October 23, 2010

LiveStrong Challenge 2010 - Day 2 (the 23th), Appreciation Dinner

The Dinner was held at the Convention Center this year. From what I can tell, there's not a permanent spot,

the location probably has more to do with what else is in town that weekend and what is available. I think I was the very first person (non-VIP) to arrive, I misjudged how much traffic there might be (UT had a home football game the same day). No matter, I was not all that early and I got the freshest food once they opened up the floor for the cheese & crackers & fruit & this & that layout.

I ran into some Team Fatty members, ones I had met earlier in the day at lunch.

We clean up good. As it turned out, I rode with them for a time the next day at the Ride. We had a good time talking about our experiences and why we are participating in the Challenge. The gal was from Canada, she was not with the group that rode here though, there's a group from Calgary that does that each year.

Once the doors were opened to the dining hall, I noticed a goodly number of people were already seated, perhaps, and most likely the VIPs and their guests. Somehow, I must become important. Or try. Or not.

We took at table to the left of the stage, still pretty much in the front though.  Team Fatty had a reserved table, but it was already fully occupied.  Elden stopped by during the dinner to greet us and thank us.

That particular placement worked out well, I believe we got served first with the food. A chicken/pasta dish, with a tomato based sauce. It was good, I enjoyed it.

After dinner, the emcee for the night, John Korioth took the stage. After a short speech, he invited Doug and Lance to the stage where they answered questions submitted from the audience. At some point, they invited up Patrick Dempsey (the actor, he was Team RadioShack's captain for the weekend) to discuss his relationship with cancer. He has his own foundation, founded for his mother who is fighting ovarian cancer.

Everyone at the dinner received the LiveStrong Guidebook and Journal.  They are a great resource for anyone diagnosed with cancer, helping to navigate and take charge of your care.

The evening wrapped up with the presentation of the various awards, Team Fatty won the 'Team Champion' award for the most dollars raised by a team. Elden also won the Individual Messenger award for having the most number of people donate -- 975!

Doug & Lance made some closing remarks. Their goal is we don't want to have these events anymore, that having them means we've not made sufficient progress.  All we can do is to keep trying though, and someday, that will be true.

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