Saturday, October 04, 2008

Final push for the Challenge

The Challenge is only 3 weeks away now,  seemed so far away for such a long time and now it will be here before we know it.  I sent another round of fundraising emails out today, hopefully people can make some donations, even with all the confusing economic news swirling around these days.  It's certainly unfortunate since I think it does impact giving in general.

I noticed the Challenge events are scheduled to start at 7:30am, both the Walk/Run and the Ride.  With daylight savings time still in effect for the events (standard time does not begin until the first weekend in November), the sun won't be up when they start although it will be twilight.  Hopefully this won't much of an issue.  Since alot of my training rides have been during early morning, I'm pretty used to this, although it may be a bit different for some folks.

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