Saturday, October 18, 2008

Outlaw Trail 100 - 08

The Outlaw Trail 100 was held on October 18th starting in Round Rock, Tx. The route was very close to prior years.

The weather was spectacular, clear and cool. Looking back at last year, it was about 20 degrees cooler and much less humid. I decided to ride to Old Settler's Park from my house, and then, of course, back. The distance was about 7 and a quarter miles each way. Fortunately, the wind was from the north so I had a bit of an assist on the way back.

I considered doing the 100K distance given the LiveStrong Challenge is this coming weekend, but I felt good and did the 100 mile route. The wind was from the north but nowhere near as strong as last year, making the ride much more enjoyable. I was able to stay in a few packs, but for the most part, I rode solo. Near the end, maybe mile 95, I did my 'TdF' move, racing ahead of a group I had been in for a liitle while. At the very end, one of those riders did catch me for his 'stage win'.

At the end, instead of pizza, they organizers provided a coupon for 'Chicken Express' and I got some tenders. At least this way, everyone gets a hot meal, before, by the time the 100 mile riders return, the pizza they had in prior years was cold.

The ride was enjoyable and they have quite a turnout every year.

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