Friday, October 24, 2008

LiveStrong Challenge - Day 1 (Friday the 24th)

Registration was at the Austin Convention Center on Friday. I took the afternoon off from work so I could travel downtown before rush hour. I arrived and parked in the parking garage on 2nd street, the prior time I had used the one on 5th street. I didn't have a voucher to park but they had a signin sheet, thus parking was free.

I headed over to the ACC and picked up my packet right away. It didn't take too long, they had alot of people working. After checking in, I also picked up a timer chip that could be used both on the walk/run and the ride. Previously, they only had used the time for the walk/run. The LAF decided to time the ride since Lance was now racing again - although they make it clear it's not to be treated as a race.

I wandered around some more, stopping by several of the booths, Kashi had a big setup doing cooking demonstrations. Bicycle Sport Shop setup a small store, they had a good deal on some 10//2 clothing, a shirt and windbreaker, I decided to get both.

Chris Carmichael (Lance's coach) was there, autographing copies of his book. We got to talk for a minute, he was riding the 90 miler on Sunday. Nissan was sponsoring this and took a picture putting you on the cover of Bicycling magazine.

I went to find my friend Henrike, she's one of the Challenge mentors (for the International Region). We talked for quite a while, she had trouble with some of her fundraising due to the view of some in Europe that Lance must have doped to win the TdF and his return somehow encourages more doping. It doesn't make much sense to either one of us. She's planning on running the Berlin marathon in a few years, I wish her luck, running is much harder on your body than biking. While we were talking, several other folks, from England, stopped by. I was hoping I'd see her during the walk or ride but I never did... but there were so many people around, it was not a big surprise.

I filled out my 'In Honor of'' cards for my Mom and brother and put them on the wall. They move this to the Village they setup at the Ride.

I wandered around a bit more and then headed home to get some rest for the walk the next day.

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