Saturday, October 24, 2009

LiveStrong Challenge 09 - Day 2 (the 24th), Appreciation Dinner

The dinner was held at the Austin Music Hall, at 2nd & Nueces. Not sure, but since Mellow Johnny's is just up the street, they may have it here from now on. A 'private' party of a sort for VIPs was at MJs just prior to the dinner. I wandered around MJs for a bit, nice place.

Once back at the Music Hall, I mingled, got a few beers and waited for dinner to be served, and waited, and waited. The dinner started about 45 minutes to an hour late, I suspect the VIP party ran a little long. I saw Henrike, my friend from Germany. We talked for a little bit. It was nice to see her again.

Since the dinner started late, the speeches started early. I was still working on my salad when they first began. The speeches from the various award winners were all quite good, Elden Nelson, aka Fat Cyclist, gave a very good one. His team raised the most money.

Fatty's Speech at 2009 Austin LiveStrong Challenge from Fat Cyclist on Vimeo.

Lance took some questions from the audience, one being "How fast have you ever gone on a bike?". 75 mph -- that's about 35 mph faster than I would ever care to go. Just plain scary.

The event ended on time, a good thing, since it was going to be an early morning for anyone who needed to get out to the ride.

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