Saturday, October 17, 2009

Outlaw Trail 09

The Outlaw Trail 100 was held on October 17th this year. Once again, I rode my bike to and back from the event, normally about a 15 mile round trip. The prior evening I enjoyed the pasta dinner, and saw several people I knew, one that I had not seen in perhaps 7 years.

Even though the LiveStrong Challenge was the next weekend, I intended to do the full 100 miles.... However, I missed a turn just after Granger Lake, the result was I cut off about 16 miles from the route. And instead of getting lost, the road I was on rejoined the course, lucky for me. I thought I had seen the markers for the turn, but the person directly in front of me, and a person about 100 yards up the road both went straight. Only a bit later did I discover the person up the road was not part of the ride, he turned off the course just after the next rest stop we hit. I need to pay more attention the next time.

Since I missed the turn during the ride, I added a few more miles on the ride back so I could make 100 for the day. Seemed appropriate.

Pictures are here.

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